Stephanie Welch

Chair Designate, Strategic Leaders Forum, IWFM


Welcome to the Strategic Leaders Forum, evolved from our International Special Interest Group (ISIG) to maximise the impact of IWFM members in strategic leadership roles.

The purpose

Join in for learning, discussion, collaboration and research

Join our new Forum to take part in activities such as:

  • enabling the growth of Certified and Fellow members across the sector.
  • gathering insight and develop CPD opportunities for the sector’s strategic leaders worldwide.
  • ensuring that the output from Special Interest Groups aligns with the needs of strategic leaders.
  • networking both digitally and physically, contributing to the development of a comprehensive body of knowledge.
  • collaborating to establish an assurance framework for leaders engaging in policy development and advocacy on behalf of IWFM.
  • supporting IWFM in collaborating with leading international sectoral networks and communities on common objectives.


Want to get involved?

Join our LinkedIn group for the latest discussion, updates and events.

If you have a question about the Strategic Leaders Forum, please contact our Chair Designate or IWFM’s Community team directly.