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Good practice guide

Fire safety management

Ensure you're up to date with the wide-ranging changes in UK fire safety with this in-depth good practice guide. It includes requirements from the Fire Safety Act 2021, the Building Safety Act 2022, and the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, and provides guidance on the relevant legislation for Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

03 April 2024
Good practice guide

Energy Management

The GPG focusses upon reducing the energy consumed within the building, and the mechanisms associated with data capture, identification and implementation of efficiency measures based upon energy hierarchy, together with the communication and engagement of stakeholders, such as customers and senior managers.

13 March 2024
Good practice guide

Selecting FM Software

This document aims to provide useful information and guidance about the critical issues involved in selecting and implementing a software solution for workplace and facilities management.

23 March 2022
Good practice guide

Recycling, Waste and Resource Management

Businesses are increasingly expected to have a positive impact on the environment and society, with pressure coming from all stakeholders including clients, employees, shareholders and the government.

09 February 2022
Good practice guide

Managing accessible and inclusive places

This good practice guide is aimed at facilities and estate managers and will provide you with an everyday understanding of accessible features and achieving an inclusive service and environment.

23 March 2020
Good practice guide

BIM data for FM systems

This guide is intended to help facilities management professionals (FMs) as key stakeholders involved in Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects.

17 February 2020
Good practice guide

Procuring and running catering contracts

This guide provides the knowledge you need to buy and subsequently manage catering contracts.

01 August 2018
Good practice guide

Risk management

This is a practical guide to help you manage risk within your role or organisation.

01 May 2018
Good practice guide

Facilities management procurement

This is an essential guide for procurement professionals that purchase products or services for an organisation. It sets out how the process works independently and when working as part of a team.

01 November 2017
Good practice guide

Winter maintenance

Is your property ready for winter? This guide explains how to prepare your property's interior and exterior for adverse weather and manage it throughout winter, including grounds maintenance.

01 October 2017
Good practice guide

Customer experience

This guide to customer experience takes a holistic look at the interactions and experiences a customer encounters from start to finish. It explores communication, environment, attention to detail, ease of equipment, and process.

01 October 2017
Good practice guide

Space planning management

This guide will enhance your understanding of space planning and management for your organisation.

01 May 2017
Good practice guide

Managing FM teams across borders

This guide explores the growing trend for organisations to manage and procure facilities management at a continental or global level.

01 March 2017
Good practice guide

The role of FM in BIM projects

The guide provides essential knowledge of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and how to use BIM data to manage assets and services.

01 February 2017

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