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Space planning and management

The planning and management of the relationship of space, people and business activities are critical to the success of all organisations. This function is often called Facilities Management (FM), The management process is continuous but there are peak moments of change, such as office moves, company mergers, downsizing, new desk sharing policies and recently, as we have seen, response to a global pandemic driving general cultural change in workplace design and use.

18 March 2022
Good practice guide

Recycling, Waste and Resource Management

Businesses are increasingly expected to have a positive impact on the environment and society, with pressure coming from all stakeholders including clients, employees, shareholders and the government.

09 February 2022
Guidance note

Hygiene in the workplace

No one would have considered the focus hygiene and cleaning in general would have had in recent times with the experiences each one of us has had during the last 12 to 18 months.

02 February 2022

Catering in a post-COVID-19 world with Catering SIG Chair Julian Fris

With the IWFM Catering SIG
Discover how catering has adapted and changed in a post-COVID-19 world

08 July 2021

Checklist for catering services tenders

When tendering your catering services there are many things to consider, which could have a positive or detrimental impact on the outcome.

14 January 2021
Quick start guide

Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance (GM) is primarily focused on outdoor vegetative features such as grass, plants, shrubs and small trees but also covers the maintenance of hard landscape features such as sweeping of pedestrian and vehicular hardstanding(s), bin emptying and litter picking.

01 March 2019
Good practice guide

Procuring and running catering contracts

This guide provides the knowledge you need to buy and subsequently manage catering contracts.

01 August 2018
Good practice guide

Business removals

This guide explains good practice in all types of commercial moves, such as office moves. After reading, you will have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how to plan, organise and manage a move with minimum disruption to your organisation and its staff.

01 May 2018
Quick start guide

Choosing an FM operating model

Thirty years ago, facilities management was a largely inhouse affair. Organisations directly employed cleaners, security guards, maintenance engineers, handymen and catering staff, only turning to contractors for specialist work such as lift or air-conditioning maintenance.

01 February 2018
Quick start guide

Vacant property protection

This guide is designed for facilities and property managers. It provides comprehensive advice on how to avoid the problems and unexpected costs resulting from a vacant property.

01 January 2018
Good practice guide

Winter maintenance

Is your property ready for winter? This guide explains how to prepare your property's interior and exterior for adverse weather and manage it throughout winter, including grounds maintenance.

01 October 2017
Guidance note

Flood clean-up guide

This guide will help you to prepare a flood clean-up plan and keep your staff safe during the process. It details the five areas of flood clean up, including personal safety, securing buildings and utilities, identifying damage and initial clean-up of building contents, decontamination, and worker safety.

01 March 2015
Good practice guide

Vacant property management

This guide provides information for how to manage vacant properties as part of a property portfolio. 

01 December 2014
Discussion paper

Serving up FM the catering challenge

The pros and cons of catering as a single service or as part of a TFM/bundled solution are currently exercising some of the best minds in the sector. In such a fiercely contested market, strengthening the total client offer by bolting on a catering function can create a real competitive edge.

01 March 2014

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