Briefing papers

01 March 2018

FM and the future world of work

As a forward-looking facilities management professional body, we felt in 2017 it was t...

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Discussion papers

01 August 2018

FM leaders forum perspectives on BIM

FM has yet to get to grips with BIM and realise its full potential. There are many rea...

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01 June 2017

Brave new world options for the FM sector post Brexit

Moreover, the panel felt that FM’s strengths in terms of offering extensive employment...

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01 September 2015

Customer service in FM

Customer service represents the first and thus most critical interface between an orga...

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Good practice guides

03 April 2024

Fire safety management

Ensure you're up to date with the wide-ranging changes in UK fire safety with this in-...

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13 March 2024

Energy Management

The GPG focusses upon reducing the energy consumed within the building, and the mechan...

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01 May 2018

Risk management

This is a practical guide to help you manage risk within your role or organisation.

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Guidance notes

09 November 2023

A digital maturity pathway for smart(er) organisations

Digital technologies have transformed the operational built environment in recent year...

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12 October 2023

Next generation maintenance: challenges and opportunities

The FM Sector faces a raft of challenges from political uncertainty, economic pressure...

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26 July 2023

Contract and supplier management for facilities managers

Download the ‘Contract and supplier management for facilities managers’ guidance note ...

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01 May 2019

Pay and prospects survey 2018/19 infographic

The following infographic summarise the results of the 2018/19 IWFM survey. Comparison...

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15 May 2024

New course: Competence, leading to Organisational Capability: Methodologies for Evidencing Organisational Capability

To help workplace and facilities management (WFM) professionals understand their dutie...

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15 May 2024

Facilitate focuses on forces, flexible working and food services

May/June 2024’s edition of Facilitate is hot off the press, providing a breadth of vie...

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Star award.png
14 May 2024

Global FM Awards of Excellence winners reflect on success

During last week’s World FM Day, the prestigious Global FM Awards of Excellence announ...

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Quick start guides

01 March 2019

Grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance (GM) is primarily focused on outdoor vegetative features such as g...

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01 May 2018

Asbestos surveys

The purpose of an Asbestos Management Survey is to locate, as far as reasonably practi...

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01 February 2018

Choosing an FM operating model

Thirty years ago, facilities management was a largely inhouse affair. Organisations di...

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25 April 2024

Optimising productivity in a post-pandemic hybrid world

Post-pandemic, we all look at work and the working world through new lenses. Work and ...

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26 July 2023

Annual Review 2022

After two years of navigating and supporting members through the many impacts of COVID...

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02 May 2023

Market Outlook survey report 2023

Gain vital insights into the performance of the FM sector, understand its key challeng...

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