Discussion papers

23 March 2022

ISIG Leaders Forum 2022: the data conundrum

The technology revolution in FM started less than 20 years ago, streamlining work flow...

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01 May 2019

ISIG Leaders Forum 2019: contracts across borders

As leading organisations pursue greater efficiencies, the workplace and facilities man...

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01 June 2017

Brave new world options for the FM sector post Brexit

Moreover, the panel felt that FM’s strengths in terms of offering extensive employment...

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Good practice guides

01 March 2017

Managing FM teams across borders

This guide explores the growing trend for organisations to manage and procure faciliti...

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08 May 2024

Winning IWFM nominees innovate, inspire and ignite at 2024’s Global FM Awards of Excellence 

It’s a hat trick for IWFM on World FM Day 2024, as IWFM nominees win Gold, Silver and ...

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20240430 - WFMD - 1 week to go.png
08 May 2024

World FM Day: mentoring, making connections that matter

A key date in the workplace and facilities management (WFM) calendar, this year’s Worl...

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08 May 2024

World FM Day: prioritise skills for our sector’s success 

I’ve been reflecting on World FM Day 2024’s theme, 'Inspire, Integrate, Innovate: Igni...

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ISIG Skills paper 2020 thumb.png
18 May 2020

Emerging skills in FM and International FM

Each year the International Special Interest Group (ISIG) brings together senior thou...

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24 September 2019

Nigeria report 2019

The growth of the facility management industry within a region typically points back t...

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01 January 2019

Global FM market report 2018

Published in January 2019 by Global FM, this is independent research which highlights ...

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