Discussion papers

01 August 2018

FM leaders forum perspectives on BIM

FM has yet to get to grips with BIM and realise its full potential. There are many rea...

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01 June 2013

Benchmarking effective performance management for FM

Throughout our discussions we discovered that benchmarking means different things to d...

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01 October 2012

Bridging the gap for success

Soon, all public sector facilities managers will need to be up to speed as the governm...

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Good practice guides

23 March 2022

Selecting FM Software

This document aims to provide useful information and guidance about the critical issue...

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17 February 2020

BIM data for FM systems

This guide is intended to help facilities management professionals (FMs) as key stakeh...

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01 March 2017

Managing FM teams across borders

This guide explores the growing trend for organisations to manage and procure faciliti...

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Guidance notes

Simplifying technology (NEW) (Thumb).png
16 June 2021

Simplifying technology

This guidance note looks at the future of workplace from a technological perspective. ...

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08 March 2021

Harnessing the power of data

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide workplace and FM professionals with a ...

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Optimising workspaces thumb with new.png
24 February 2021

Optimising workspaces

This guidance note explores what future changes in working practices could mean for th...

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15 June 2022

How much of a concern is cybersecurity in your organisation?

As part of our ongoing partnership, IWFM and Ricoh are carrying out research into the ...

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23 March 2022

Learn about ‘Selecting FM software’ in our new good practice guide with SWG

We have partnered with Service Works Global (SWG), provider of FM, property and integr...

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12 January 2022

Webinars: ‘Navigating turbulent times’ returns with bumper 2022 schedule

IWFM’s Customer Experience Working Group hosted our first webinar of 2022 at midday on...

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01 May 2018

GS1: What does it mean for Facilities Management

GS1 is a global not-for-profit organisation responsible for developing the most widely...

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How to combat cyber threats.png
01 February 2018

How to combat cyber threats

Cases of cyber-attacks and corporate espionage are on the rise. The increasing adoptio...

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14 April 2021

IWFM Market Outlook 2021 survey report

From Brexit to COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter, 2020 was nothing if not turbulent; so i...

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Bridging facilitates micrsoft thumb.png
25 November 2020

Bridging facilities management's digital divide

This report, Bridging FM’s Digital Divide – The power of Digital partnerships is the f...

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01 November 2018

Culture Report

This report is the fourth in a series carried out by 3edges on behalf of the Institute...

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Technological opportunities in workplace and FM

With one of the fastest growing and most developed technology sectors in Europe, the UK is well placed to take advantage of the significant opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, the internet of things, big data, blockchain and other new technologies. 

Indeed, Government has placed technology at the heart of its Industrial Strategy, recognising its potential to boost productivity - where the UK lags well behind our G7 rivals – and to drive innovation for the benefit of business, workers and consumers alike.

However, accelerating automation also poses significant challenges, and concerns - perhaps overstated - have been raised by some sources that up to 30% of UK jobs are at high risk of automation by 2030. Many jobs will be enhanced by technology and many will disappear; however, many new, as yet unknown, jobs will be created, particularly within SMEs and the gig economy. Therefore, businesses and Government need to ensure that workers are reskilled and able to enjoy the benefits of automation such as better-quality jobs and improved job satisfaction.

Technology will be one of the most significant influences on the workplace and facilities management profession in the future. FM professionals hold the key to unlocking the potential and value of new tech, not only in automating more mundane tasks, but also in making people more efficient in roles that will still require human skills. Specific applications will enable FMs to make better, data-driven decisions on safety, efficiency and compliance, helping the profession to deliver more effective and productive workplaces for UK plc and to retain its status as one the world’s most advanced FM markets.


Engaging with the future of FM
IWFM submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Artificial Intelligence
IWFM submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Automation and the Future of Work