Coming soon: new IWFM research into sustainability’s biggest roadblocks 


  • Sustainability

07 February 2024


There can be no question about the vital role of workplace and facilities management (WFM) in achieving greater energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. How can WFM not be essential to developing and executing plans when 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions come from buildings, which WFM directly manages. Yet, there have been concerning signs recently that WFM is being left out or inadequately involved in organisations’ energy and carbon management in the UK – a grave issue in the collective drive towards net zero.  

To learn more, we recently surveyed the profession in our 2023 Sustainability Survey, and the results, due later in the month as a report, will challenge you and the working world in equal measure. The other area explored in our groundbreaking Sustainability Survey Report 2023 research is why the flood of money that needs to go into new equipment and workplace improvements to improve energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions in workplaces is currently just a trickle.  

Our research sheds light on how organisations currently fund investments relating to energy efficiency and carbon reduction. For those making assessments on individual investment merits, we reveal what return on investment criteria are being imposed on these types of projects and asks the all-important question: are these return expectations realistic? 

We go on to ask WFM how the investment process around energy efficiency and carbon needs to change to get the needed funds flowing.  

With fascinating original research findings from our survey of 620 WFM professionals, interpretation and commentary from the experts at IWFM’s Sustainability Special Interest Group (SIG) and powerful recommendations that will drive real change, the Sustainability Survey Report 2023 is essential reading. Following the report’s launch, our associated ‘Navigating turbulent times’ webinar will take place on Wednesday 28 February; save the date to hear researchers and experts discuss the findings.  

Additionally, we recently launched ‘Get moving on sustainability: our campaign for change’ because we understand that to accelerate the sustainability agenda, we must enable WFMs to upskill quickly with courses and resources tailored to the unique and influential role they play. Join us on this journey today by registering your WFM team with our new sustainability courses which are suitable for all career levels. 

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