Creating career paths for veterans: IWFM signs Armed Forces Covenant


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13 November 2023


Today, the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) announces that it has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, the nation’s promise to active personnel, veterans and their families that they will be treated fairly. For IWFM, it represents an opportunity to welcome current and former servicepeople into workplace and facilities management, advocate for their interests in the sector and offer the chance to upskill and reskill.  

In addition to upholding the Covenant’s principles, IWFM commits to ‘‘upholding the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community” and to “recognise the contribution that Service personnel, both regular and reservist, veterans and military families make to our organisation, our community and to the country.”

Earlier this year, IWFM established the Veterans in FM network, which helps inform its approach to veterans and making FM a career of choice for current and former servicepeople. The network’s new committee is working on initiatives to engage with the veterans community, including outreach events, plus schemes yet to be revealed.

Welcoming the announcement, Chair of the Veterans in FM Network, Louisa Clarke, stated:

“At IWFM, we recognise the massive contribution that active servicepeople and veterans have made to our country. We feel it’s vital to support the community, their families and always stand up for their interests. As a reflection of that, we are proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant and launch initiatives to truly live up to this commitment.

“We view active servicepeople and veterans as a rich pool of talent for workplace and facilities management; selfless, dedicated and detail-orientated are just some of the qualities we see on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, we’re keen to promote the profession as a career of choice for active and former servicepeople as they transition to civilian life.

“With a range of job roles available, many opportunities to upskill and reskill and the ability to draw on prior professional experience, we hope to benefit current and former servicepeople while enhancing the sector.”

CEO Linda Hausmanis said:

“Today marks a special occasion for IWFM. After the nation paid tribute to the veterans community on Remembrance Day, we’re proud to demonstrate our commitment to current and active servicepeople, and their families, for the time to come. Having recently established the Veterans in FM network, we’re continually looking for new ways to empower the veterans community, primarily by creating career paths in workplace and facilities management.

We want to ensure the sector is welcoming, supportive and makes best use of veterans’ talents and work ethic. Concurrently, we can show veterans the rich opportunities that are available in the sector and offer them the resources they need to prosper.”

If you would like to connect with other armed forces veterans in the workplace and facilities management profession and keep updated on our Network’s progress, please register your interest here.  

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