Discover the current state of the workplace and FM profession in the Pay and Prospects Survey 2021 report


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13 July 2021

Pay and prospects

After a year in which COVID-19 caused various changes and complications, there has never been a more important time to take a pulse check of our profession and provide an informed picture of its current landscape - and what awaits us on the horizon.

Released today, the IWFM Pay and Prospects Survey 2021 findings – drawn from nearly 900 responses - provide a rich and comprehensive snapshot of salaries, benefits, and training and qualifications throughout the profession, whilst also highlighting evolving trends in sentiments and experiences.

A picture of changes and fresh insights

By any measure, 2020 was an outlying year and we can see its impact in a range of areas in this, the Survey’s fifteenth edition. Salary – usually the most important consideration for our profession by far – has seen its importance shift significantly whilst other factors, such as job security and interesting work, have gained ground.

The demographics of our profession have also changed, meanwhile there is an evident shift in the balance of those working in-house versus working for large providers.

Professional development has seen progress, which is notable given a link between career prospects, pay and professional qualifications, also shown in the report.

The 2021 Survey also looks at diversity and inclusion for the first time, revealing a promising yet mixed picture.

Find these insights and more in the full report

Download and read the IWFM Pay and Prospects Survey 2021 here to find out more.

More insights to come

We will publish several ‘deeper dive’ pieces in the coming months, looking at key trends from the data and using them to inform our work on a number of hot topics, such as salary and pay, upward mobility, and gender and ethnic diversity. Look out for them at where we will also make available, exclusively to members, the full data tables.