Pay and Prospects Findings 2018


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01 May 2019

Pay and prospects 2018

IWFM is pleased to share the results of this 2018/19 Pay and Prospects survey, following responses from 467 workplace and facilities professionals who have shared their views on pay, benefits and their future plans within the industry.

The Pay and Prospects survey continues to build on the knowledge gained from the “Salary Survey” in previous years.

Our Pay and Prospects survey will help us understand the industry trends in pay and benefits, professional development and future plans. The trend data gained over the last 13 years helps us to offer a detailed picture of what it’s like to work in this sector now as well as allowing us to follow any change in working conditions within our industry.

2018/19 paints a more positive picture once again on the benefits of undertaking IWFM qualifications as well as being an IWFM member – also highlighting salary levels, CPD opportunities, future expectations and key benefits.

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