Do FMs influence net zero plans? Tell us in our improved Sustainability Survey


  • Sustainability

08 August 2023


The IWFM Sustainability Survey is back for 2023 with a fresh approach and renewed focus, and we need your help to understand how the workplace and facilities management sector is engaging with the agenda. This year, we ask for only 10 minutes of your time to share your thoughts and experiences on two key issues:

  • net zero planning.
  • investment strategy.

Who is involved, what role do FMs play, what is working, what isn’t working, where are the barriers, and what are the opportunities? This is your chance to have your say.

Your responses not only contribute to findings and insights which inform the sector; they guide our activities and lead to action. For example, previous findings led to changes in the IWFM Professional Standards and inspired the development of a variety of resources, such as our ‘Net zero toolkit’.

After completing the Survey, you will have the opportunity to request an advance copy of the final report before its release later this year; however, please be assured that your responses are anonymous and will remain confidential.

Please click the link below to take part.

Complete the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2023

The Survey closes on Friday 15 September.


The IWFM Sustainability Survey is the UK’s longest running survey of its kind. Now in its sixteenth year, it assesses the state of play and provides insights into the key challenges and factors influencing how our sector engages with sustainability.

What have recent Surveys told us?

In 2021, our findings revealed a worrying gap between intent and action which will hinder already delayed attempts to stall climate change. A year later, the 2022 Survey highlighted a troubling continuation of the theme, with insufficient data, skills gaps and fuzzy targets impacting the net zero sphere.