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01 October 2014

Discussion paper


The FM Leaders Forum provides a valuable opportunity for leaders in the sector, both providers and clients, to explore new trends in facilities management and how best to respond.

Society as a whole is becoming increasingly attuned to the need for a more sustainable approach to managing waste. However, reducing waste and moving towards a circular economy is a challenge and requires engagement and action from a range of different people, including facilities management service providers, waste management firms, client organisations and building occupiers. While progress has been made, the industry could do more to drive waste management further up the agenda and better promote its good work.

While some sectors and businesses have taken strides to better manage their resources, others could do more. A key question then is how can the industry encourage clients to focus attention on waste management and invest in it?

Consumers are far more interested in their waste’s final destination than they were a few years ago even if they do not understand the mechanics behind it. This has put the onus on organisations to consider how best to tackle this challenge. They are increasingly looking to their facilities management and waste management providers to point them in the right direction but a lack of understanding has made this particular challenge particularly tricky.

There are other key challenges and questions that must be addressed: How do we change mindsets about waste, both at an individual level and at an executive board level? How do businesses get employees on board with their efforts? How do we encourage greater links between FM and WM professionals? And what does the future of both professions hold?

Our latest FM Leaders’ Forum brings together thought leaders in waste, FM and sustainability to discuss those key challenges and more.

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