Feedback requested for IWFM-supported Scope 3 emissions tool for FM


  • Sustainability

26 July 2023


Following months of development and data collection, the Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) is requesting feedback on a draft framework which will help FMs manage Scope 3 carbon emissions. IWFM has played a key role in supporting the tool’s development and forms part of a project board that aims to ensure the tool receives industry acceptance upon its expected release later this year.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Scope 3 emissions – those created by the supply chain - account for 70% of organisations’ CO2 emissions. As Sofie Hooper, our Head of Policy and Research, commented previously, this new tool promises to be an important enabler for the facilities management profession:

‘Our members are critical to the decarbonisation of the built environment in the operation phase, but the lack of an industry-wide Scope 3 Framework has been a major barrier to driving down carbon emissions. SFMI’s Scope 3 Framework tool is therefore much needed; not just to help carbon reductions, but also to show to the world, through the data collected, the importance of the operation phase and its considerable impact on climate change.’

Working with FM providers Skanska, Bouygues, Optima, and founding partner BAM, and in consultation with IWFM, the SFMI has used real-life examples to produce a framework of methodologies for measuring and reporting Scope 3 emissions, which will become mandatory for most companies by 2025.

To take part in the consultation, which closes on Friday 15 September, please visit the following link:

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