It’s time for organisations to be more ambitious about achieving net zero


  • Sustainability

04 October 2023


With climate change intensifying, energy sources facing constraints, and buildings reported to be responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions, it’s crucial that workplace and facilities teams take responsibility for their organisation’s sustainability strategy.

However, in our 2022 Sustainability Survey, very few end user respondents felt they and their FM teams had what they needed to deliver on net zero and carbon reduction, with almost 60% lacking a clear strategy and objectives, and only 14% having skills comprehensively integrated into normal service.

To achieve future targets, you must start planning now and have a credible road map in place for your organisation; however, this may be complicated by being locked into contracts, requiring long term investment, or needing to manage supply chain vulnerabilities quickly.

Having the right knowledge and skills in place to develop your road map will not only allow you to align strategies and operations, but can also provide a range of other key benefits.  

  • Future proofing your workplace: Understanding where you can make your biggest savings will allow you to make more sustainable future investments, therefore improving the value of your building. 
  • Driving productivity: By creating a more sustainable workplace, you can also create better and healthier conditions which enable your people to do their best work. 
  • Attracting new talent and business: With consumers and companies increasingly favouring brands which walk the walk on sustainability, having a strategy with clear outcomes is simply good business.
  • Show your business values: Related to the prior point, adopting sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the environment will demonstrate you take your social responsibility seriously and showcase your core values to your people, customers, and partners.
  • Staying compliant: There are many new and existing regulations where sustainable practices must be adhered to, such as reducing your carbon footprint and managing your waste streams. Having the right skillset in place is crucial to achieve the right outcomes.

We created ‘Get moving on sustainability: our campaign for change’ because we understand that to accelerate this agenda, we must enable FMs to upskill quickly with courses and resources tailored to the unique and influential role they play.

Join us on this journey today by registering your FM team with our new sustainability courses which are suitable for all career levels.

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