Low pay: new increases in rates; put your views to Government; updated real Living Wage guidance


  • Employment and Skills

07 April 2021


Following the annual increases in the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage that were introduced earlier this month, the independent Low Pay Commission (LPC) is seeking stakeholder views on the rates it should recommend to the Government for 2022.

Each year, IWFM submits evidence to the LPC’s consultations on behalf of the workplace and facilities management profession. The LPC is also keen to speak directly to our members to hear first-hand views on the challenges and effects of low pay on individual businesses - particularly those in the hospitality, catering and cleaning sectors. IWFM will coordinate and set up the meetings, which are being held (virtually) until mid-August.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and insight on low pay directly with the LPC, or in providing feedback to be incorporated within IWFM’s overall submission, or would like further information on this topic, please email: policy@iwfm.org.uk

IWFM actively promotes the benefits of improving low pay. We are proud to be one of more than 6,000 accredited UK employers who have signed up to pay their staff the real Living Wage - a rate higher than the minimum set by the Government - and are members of the Living Wage Foundation’s Recognised Service Providers Leadership Group.

Our guidance note on the benefits and practicalities of paying the real Living Wage in the workplace and facilities management profession has been updated to reflect the latest wage rates. Published in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation, our guidance highlights independent research which shows evidence of the link between higher rates of pay and improved service delivery and performance, reinforced by case studies and testimonies from organisations and individuals who have benefitted. The updated guidance can be found here.

If you have any comments on this article, please email: policy@iwfm.org.uk