Optimise building performance, reduce energy consumption and ensure compliance with our Energy Management GPG, in partnership with Carbon Numbers


  • Sustainability

13 March 2024


To tackle climate change and cut waste, effective energy management has become a key concern for organisations across the board, with workplace and facilities management (WFM) increasingly realising the key critical role they play in achieving organisational sustainability outcomes. However, from instituting appropriate policies to achieving legal compliance, there are a series of challenges for WFM as it seeks to embed effective energy management, even with potentially massive organisational gains.

IWFM is proud to partner with Carbon Numbers to provide the community with our new and updated Energy Management Good Practice Guide.  With a focus on optimising building performance and achieving organisational objectives, this GPG breaks down the key priorities for WFM in the pursuit of effective energy management, including:

  • Managing internal and external customer demands, from communicating data to demonstrating value to the C-suite.
  • Hitting corporate targets, ensuring that energy management positively influences priorities.
  • Balancing corporate needs including strategically managing price risks and reducing energy consumption.

This GPG, which also includes a wealth of signposting to technical manuals and guidance, is targeted at management-level individuals who are responsible for existing buildings, with actionable insights to help to ensure that energy management processes are optimised. To offer maximum value to the community, the GPG is structured to reflect the planning, implementation and ongoing running of energy management policies and processes.

With a comprehensive glossary included to break down technical terms, the GPG can be a useful tool wherever your organisation stands with energy management.

Sofie Hooper says: “We’re excited to bring this resource to our members at a time where they continue to navigate a complex and uncertain energy market, while trying to meet much needed ambitious corporate climate change targets which will require thoughtful investment approaches. Sustainability is a core pillar of activity for IWFM and this GPG also takes account of what we’ve seen evidenced in our recently published Sustainability Survey Report.”

Neil Fright, Carbon Numbers CEO, says: “Carbon Numbers are delighted to be sponsors of this guide and bring focus to this key topic. We all see the daily, and often devastating effects of climate change, and carbon reduction is at the top of the agenda for change. The energy crisis has also brought focus on the cost of utilities and the key question remains how to approach managing energy, the associated costs and the resulting carbon emissions. 

“This guide will bring valuable insights to aid facilities management professionals in managing this key area, assist them in seeking the finances and resources they need, evaluating best practice, setting targets and reporting outcomes. Carbon Numbers would like to thank the authors for their contribution, and appreciate that IWFM has brought key focus to what to us is our core business, helping buildings use less energy.

Download the GPG here

To offer further insight, answer any questions and expand on related topics, IWFM and Carbon Numbers are looking forward to launching a supporting webinar featuring WFM professionals and energy management experts. Stay up to date with IWFM for news on the webinar.