Shaping skills: workplace and facilities management, we want to hear from you


  • Employment and Skills

06 June 2024

20240606 - Skills survey shutterstock_2318904339.png

As the standard setter for the workplace and facilities management (WFM) profession, we invite all professionals working in the sector, from the frontline to the C-suite, to participate in our new 2024 Skills Survey.  

Open for five weeks from today, and simple to complete, the research aims to make sure that the competencies and behaviours necessary for WFM professionals to succeed at every career level remain relevant and up to date.  

From technical expertise to people skills, competence plays a crucial role in shaping productive, healthy and sustainable workplaces. By focusing on skills, the sector can benefit organisations as a lynchpin for positive outcomes, be a serious career of choice for diverse talent and help close the UK’s productivity gap. 

IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis said,  

‘Workplace and facilities management transforms organisations and enhances the way we experience life every day.  

‘The IWFM Professional Standards set out what it means to be a professional in WFM. As their guardian, we must stay on the pulse of the profession’s operation in reality to ensure the Standards reflect its practice and potential. The 2024 Skills Survey is a key tool to engage with practitioners at every level to learn more about core competencies at each career stage.  

‘I want every professional in WFM to take part so that their insight shapes IWFM’s actions and enables organisations to prioritise learning and development, vital for building meaningful career paths and organisational success. 

‘Our members are navigating a fast-changing operating environment and we must continue to support them in every way, to gain and develop the skills needed to manifest WFM’s huge potential.’ 

IWFM Senior Research Manager Melissa Gilbert said,  
‘We set out to create research which will positively affect the sector and professionals for years to come. We’ve designed the 2024 Skills Survey to be accessible, broad in its subject matter and precise in its outcomes, so the resulting report can provide maximum value.’ 

To take part in the survey, click here.