Sustainability Survey 2020 in partnership with Inenco: the impact of wellbeing


  • Sustainability

14 January 2021

Sustainability 2020 wellbeing

To highlight some of the main findings that emerged from our Sustainability Survey 2020 Report in partnership with Inenco, we are releasing three infographics to explore the key themes. The first, which delved into the theme of COVID-19, was released in December; now you can download the second infographic in the series, this time on the theme of wellbeing.

Click here to download the Sustainability Survey 2020 Report infographic on wellbeing.

We found that the vast majority of organisations are actively investing in physical and mental wellbeing; equally, only a small percentage of organisations are not measuring wellbeing in any way.

However, we also uncovered that most organisations do not invest in nutrition, whilst a significant minority invest in neither physical health nor workplace wellbeing.

The impacts of COVID-19 will no doubt heavily influence the results in our upcoming 2021 survey, as noted by IWFM Sustainability SIG Chair Greg Davies: ‘COVID-19 means that FM professionals face additional challenges in optimising the workspace and supporting employees working from home, ensuring employee wellbeing and company performance don’t suffer further.’