Sustainability Survey 2020


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01 October 2020



Welcome to the thirteenth Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) Sustainability Survey Summary Report. The survey has always been one of the UK’s most important evaluations of sustainability and workplace trends, but the unprecedented challenges of 2020 make this year’s findings even more so.

The survey opened for responses in July, several months after the global coronavirus pandemic began to take over our lives. COVID-19 has already tested workplace and facilities management professionals in so many ways, from supporting a dispersed workforce to managing near empty workspaces, something which IWFM has been looking at in detail with our ‘Navigating turbulent times’ webinar series and ‘Coronavirus resources’ hub on the website. With the virus front of mind for us all, it has naturally shaped responses to our survey, and the ensuing workshop, and created a unique insight into how it is affecting all aspects of sustainability in our organisations.

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