Tell your story in Facilitate magazine’s ‘A Bit About You'


  • Facilities

25 August 2021


In every edition, Facilitate seeks to celebrate workplace and facilities managers by giving individuals their own page to explain to the rest of us who they are and what they do.

It’s where you can tell us what you think. What would you change about the sector? Your weirdest day on the job? Your biggest challenge? The advice you’d give others?

All of this is presented on a full page in our ‘Viewpoint’ community section.

We’re looking for more IWFM members to tell their stories as we seek to showcase the great variety and character of workplace and facilities managers in our sector. Could one of these be you?

All we need is a picture of you and, of course, the answers to our question set. Get in touch in the first instance by emailing us on - we’ll be happy to send those questions and answer any of yours.