Pauline Simpkins

Members' Council Chair, IWFM



The Members' Council role and purpose is to help direct, engage with and ensure good communication with and between our Regions and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and to help form our research agenda. Its membership comes from the major areas of activity and influence within the Institute.

Council meetings provide a forum for the communication between the Board and Head Office on the one hand, and the Regions and SlGs on the other. It allows a focus for engagement and mutual support and a mechanism to understand and focus the views of the membership.

It represents all our member stakeholders, they can exercise their influence on the Institute through involvement in the Regions, SIGs and Working Groups, whose chairs sit on Members’ Council. It is the means by which we can achieve some of our objectives; namely through the mobilisation of this Volunteer Network, and for the Network to ensure that its views and concerns are understood by Head Office.


Committee members

The Members’ Council consists of all the Chairs of both the Regions and Special Interest Groups; the composition is outlined below. The full role and Terms of Reference of Members' Council are detailed below



  • Elected by the Members Council Members from the current members

Council members

  • 1 per Region
  • 1 per Network
  • 1 per SIG

The Chairs of the regions / SIGs make up the members, but if unavailable can send representatives from their committee to attend

  • can have Two Deputy Chairs elected from this group

Chair of Constitution and Ethics

  • by standing invitation

Other board positions (up to 2)

  • by standing invitation of the Members Council Chair