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Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Cultivating hybrid

One in three of these leader comments over the years has focused on some kind of emergent opportunity; a chance for this profession to step up and see through a transformative organisational change in response to legislative, technological or economic drivers.

09 September 2021
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Net zero sum games

One conversation I had as we prepared this edition focused on the impact of artificial intelligence now and in the near future.

07 July 2021
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Thought code

One key aspect of the pandemic has been a greater collective appreciation of communities and the roles we play in them.

07 May 2021
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - AI invoked

A third of the UK’s population had been vaccinated at the time of writing, yet still the sense of an uncertain and nervous return to the workplace – offices, mostly – is all pervading.

12 March 2021
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Pause for thought

As we enter 2021, there can be little more certain than editors pointing out just how uncertain things are. In our pre post-pandemic, Brexit Ground Zero world, any quest to find fresh words to adequately convey this state of constant transition seems doomed to failure.

11 January 2021
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Brought to the fore

Amidst all the important yet increasingly circular discussion about the pandemic’s wider implications for the workplace - you can only take so much ‘whither the office?’

01 November 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - The end?

Deadlines and rescheduling meant that this year’s main IWFM conference sessions fell on our press day. Accordingly, commentary from that event will appear in our November edition,

01 October 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Towards Net Zero Emissions

Six months ago, few bar a select group of evangelists would have predicted that so much typical office work could be achieved remotely.

01 September 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Soft Focus

Pioneering mockumentary series The Office turns two decades old next year. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s original idea proved so successful that a slew of TV awards was soon followed by 10 global variants of the show, any number of copycat sitcoms and the mass adoption of the mockumentary format.

01 August 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - External Affairs

This is the third Facilitate to be produced entirely during lockdown. We’d just signed off on our April issue when the call came to go home, so while subsequent magazines have been posted out to us, only our readers have seen the April 2020 edition in print.

01 July 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Spacing, Significant, Challenges

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s no doubting the creative endeavour so many workplace and facilities managers have engaged in over recent weeks.

01 June 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Another Level

Critical facilities staffed up within days; refits carried out to meet entirely new realities; the C-suite engaging on best quality of cleaning practice rather than price;

01 May 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Logistical Thinking

Here it is, then. The single, unavoidable worldwide event that could finally be the tipping point for remote working among knowledgework businesses.

01 April 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Constructive Arguments

At Workplace Futures last month VINCI’s Victoria Hughes spoke of how we’re living in an epoch known as the Anthropocene – because we humans now have most influence over climate and environment.

01 March 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Acts of Rebellion and their Positive Outcomes

We often talk of the facilitating role of workplace and facilities management professionals. The variety of service provision ensures a uniquely expansive interdepartmental reach, and it’s in the very nature of the job that its practitioners are, at least when considered dispassionately, the obvious choice to take the lead in seeing corporate change projects through to completion.

01 February 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Changing of the Guards

A new year, a new government and a new decade. That’s quite an unusual triumvirate, with perhaps that last item – our entry into the third decade of this 21st century – the one most likely to get us stopping a minute to take stock of this sector’s progress.

02 January 2020
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Changing the Equation

Three years ago we reported on the Stoddart Review’s ‘Workplace Advantage’ report, which focused on this profession’s direct connection to productivity enhancement.

01 December 2019
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Above and Beyond

Last month a life-sized human doll named Emma briefly made headlines. Emma was meant as the physical embodiment of an absurd future as suggested in an absurd story claiming we humans were set to evolve hunched backs, varicose veins and protruding stomachs unless established ways of office working weren’t put into reverse.

01 November 2019
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Critical Role

Discussions about the effect of automation on those who deliver facilities services – and those for whom these services are delivered – tends to accentuate the apocalyptic.

01 October 2019
Facilitate magazine

Facilitate - Well To Do

I was asked recently to check how many times I’d used the word ‘wellbeing’ in these Facilitate columns. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear prior to May 2014.

01 September 2019

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