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20 September 2022


September 2022 will go down in history as a month of major re-sets. Even before the passing of Queen Elizabeth II (which occurred just after we had gone to press) we were already seeing shifts, mostly economic. As the country adjusts both to a new Monarch and Prime Minister, the latest edition of Facilitate focuses on one of the biggest economic issues facing the sector: FM’s personnel crunch. Our feature considers both the generational and economic triggers, with senior managers retiring at one end of the spectrum and a major shortfall in new labour at the other. How should those managing the various facilities service lines react?

We also look at customer experience in workplace and facilities management and how our newly formed IWFM Customer Experience Special Interest Group (SIG) is promoting ‘CX’ best practice. In addition, we talk to the man in charge of FM and estates management at the All England Lawn Tennis Club; consider calls for menopause to matter more in workplace management; and speak to a senior FM about how their ‘full site immersion’ exercise generated truly actionable insight, while one service provider explains how, through its social value policies it seeks to ‘merge the social world with the corporate world’.

All this, plus the latest opinions and commentary from the workplace and facilities management community, as well as the greatest best practice section in the industry.

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