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14 March 2023


Adapting to uncertain future demands is a recurring theme in the March/April edition. We look at the possible futures for office buildings in business districts, considering how they may be repurposed; we examine the lead role that FMs could have in controlling organisations’ Scope 3 emissions; and we talk about the variety of ways in which workers conduct work meetings in our new hybrid working world, looking at how workplace managers can support them.

We also address several people issues. Can van drivers become cargo bike riders? What now following rejection of menopause law proposals? How do you go about introducing a gender expression policy?

And on the engineering side, what happened when lifts at a railway station stopped working? How best can you balance Capex and Opex budgets? And in which ways can emissions from lighting schemes be reduced?

All this, plus the latest opinions and commentary from the workplace and facilities management community, as well as the greatest best practice section in the industry.

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