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Guidance note

Healthy Buildings

With the impact of the global pandemic, this past year has been one of significant change in the facilities management and workplace arena.

21 July 2021
Guidance note

Simplifying technology

This guidance note looks at the future of workplace from a technological perspective. Over the last year digital technologies have played a critical role in enabling organisations to continue working effectively, despite very challenging circumstances.

16 June 2021
Guidance note

Harnessing the power of data

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide workplace and FM professionals with a better understanding of the value data can bring to their work and the practical things they need to consider when trying to make better use of data.

08 March 2021
Guidance note

Optimising workspaces

This guidance note explores what future changes in working practices could mean for the corporate workspaces most organisations inhabit.

24 February 2021
Guidance note

IWFM compliance guide

At times it seems that the workplace and facilities management profession is beset with contracts that are never set  up correctly, often resulting in disputes once the contract gets underway.  

22 January 2021
Guidance note

Empowering people

This, the fifth guidance note in the series, focuses on workplace change. Change is a constant part of business and work life, but many organisations..

19 November 2020
Guidance note

Leading successful workplace change

This guidance note explores what workplace change is, in practical terms, and discusses the human and organisational impacts of workplace change. It considers why many organisations find workplace change to be so challenging and the factors that can increase the likelihood of bringing about successful workplace change.

16 July 2020
Guidance note

The Living Wage

In this guidance we will, of course, be talking about pay. We know that pay is not the only driver for people who work, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a major source of concern, especially for those delivering our frontline services.

02 July 2020
Guidance note

Creating better workspaces

This, the fourth guidance note in the series, focuses on the spatial element of workplace – the physical spaces where people work.

27 March 2020
Guidance note

Selling your workplace vision

This guidance note will provide you with ideas for how to communicate the value of workplace authoritatively and persuasively and create a convincing case for change.

27 March 2020
Guidance note

Making better workplace decisions using data

This, the second guidance note in the 'workplace' series, focuses on the role that decision-making and data play in creating better workplaces.

22 November 2019
Guidance note

Career of Choice guidance for students

Look at the skyline of your local town or city. Think about all the different buildings you might spot, from skyscrapers to stadiums, hospitals to schools, and shopping centres to museums, as well as the houses and areas like parks in-between.

01 November 2019
Guidance note

An introduction to workplace

In FM, as in other professions, there are certain terms that are aren’t commonly used elsewhere, but are understood in the same way by a majority of people in that profession.

01 September 2019
Guidance note

Energy benchmarking

Like other benchmarking and comparison exercises, energy benchmarking is a useful tool to compare and contrast energy performance between facilities using information that is readily available to Facility Managers.

01 March 2019
Guidance note

Internet of things

IoT can be defined as the network of physical devices and objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. This guidance note explore this further.

01 June 2018
Guidance note

Supplier and contractor handover

This Guidance Note outlines how a new contract arrangement providing goods/ services/works can be suitably implemented in collaboration with a successful contractor. It aims to support the preparation of an appropriate plan of actions to facilitate this change.

01 April 2018
Guidance note

Introduction to service level agreements

A Service Level Agreement or SLA is an excellent tool for managing discrete packages of works or services. They are normally agreed between a service receiver – customer; and a service deliverer – supplier.

01 December 2017
Guidance note

Counter terrorism advice for FMs

Terrorism is an issue that is not going to go away anytime soon. Attacks around the world are increasing and there is no sense that this will reduce in the years to come.

01 November 2017
Guidance note

Statutory compliance in FM procurement

The purpose of this Guidance Note is to highlight some of the key points that should be taken into consideration when managing your supply chain and/or workforce to ensure that your facilities remain statutorily compliant.

01 October 2017
Guidance note

Agile working change management

Agile working describes a range of work arrangements that allow people and organisations to make new choices about when, where and how they work. It is underpinned by mobile technology and applies to people working in and away from the traditional office, either at home, on the road or in other locations.

01 April 2017

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