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24 January 2024


IWFM is delighted to share our 2023 leadership and governance survey findings, outlining the state of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the leadership tier of our organisation.

The second edition of our survey shows positive indications of progress as EDI remains at the top of the sector’s agenda. For context, our 2023 Market Outlook Survey saw 69% of FM respondents reporting an increased focus on EDI within their organisations and 52% stating ongoing efforts to prioritise this area.

Our reporting initiative was launched following our November 2021 EDI public statement and seeks to highlight strengths, determine where we need to improve and offer our community actionable research. Through benchmarking and driving forward equity, diversity and inclusion in our leadership and governance structures, we’re aiming for equal access of opportunity to all to filter through our whole organisation, profession and sector – the EDI trickle-down effect in action.

For organisational success, fostering a strong culture and attracting and retaining talent it’s vital that governance and leadership teams are not only diverse and inclusive, but promote diversity in thoughts and perspectives; they should display the profession’s values, breaking down barriers so all have the opportunity for a successful career pathway.

Beyond insight into aspects like age, gender and disability, our research also looks at social mobility for our sector. By acting on the research presented, we hope that the next survey will show even more progress and interrogates issues as they emerge. Ultimately the goal is to enhance workplace and facilities management, making it a profession of choice to a diverse talent pool, led from the front by a diverse team, breaking down barriers for all to thrive in the profession. 

Overall, this year’s leadership and governance survey results demonstrates progress, but our mission to lead by example and set the standard for EDI remains. To that end, through valuable research from the Young Foundation, to be published shortly, we have identified further steps that we can take as a professional body to promote equity in our leadership positions, benefitting all levels of our membership. IWFM’s current initiatives include engaging our community to launch a Neurodiversity Network and creating a dedicated EDI category at the 2024 IWFM Impact Awards. Additionally, coming soon is our 2024 Market Outlook survey, a further opportunity for sector professionals to speak up and influence the WFM scene.

Access our 2023 leadership and governance survey findings today to find out more.

24 January 2024

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