‘Digitising our wellbeing’: listen now to the latest episode of IWFM’s wellbeing podcast


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15 December 2021


The workplace community has increasingly placed data at the heart of their decision making. Smart buildings, and the associated technologies, have provided incredible insights into the performance of spaces and their ability to support work, but as wearable technology and health data hits the market, are we about to take that to a new level?




IWFM’s podcast series exploring workplace wellbeing, brought to you in partnership with Sodexo, continues with its fourth and final instalment as Chris Moriarty and expert guests discuss ‘Digitising our wellbeing’: a discussion on the role of data and technology in supporting our wellbeing.

This episode explores the art of the possible and the role of data and tech in supporting wellbeing, as well as exploring the ethical implications of doing so. Just because we can, does it mean we should? And is there a way of offsetting concerns around personal data with the benefits that may come from the additional insights? 


Mark Hill: Director of Strategy and Transformation, Sodexo

Chris Moriarty (host): Workplace Commentator

Jo Ann Oravec: Professor of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

Duncan Young: Head of Workplace Health & Wellbeing, Lendlease