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01 November 2020


Amidst all the important yet increasingly circular discussion about the pandemic’s wider implications for the workplace - you can only take so much ‘whither the office?’ when the near future remains desperately uncertain - it’s been a sheer joy to relive the exploits of the facilities teams whose actions during These Extraordinary Times were detailed in submissions to the recent IWFM Covid-19 Response awards.

What we see in all of them is the coming together of individuals, teams and contract partners for the good of client, end-user, and wider community. In our reporting this issue we’ve afforded the four winning Covid-19 Response award winners the same status as the other people and projects judged top of class in 2020. How could we not? But here’s the thing: all the Covid-19 Response submissions deserve exposure, so you’ll be seeing us detailing the key aspects of all submitted entries in our newsletter and website (as well as extended versions of the winners’ stories that have had to be shortened to fit this print edition.)

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