Fire safety: IWFM to respond to BSI consultation on digital management of fire safety information


  • Building safety

21 July 2021

Fire safety

The BSI is currently consulting on Part 1 of BS 8644-1, the new British Standard for the digital management of fire safety information. This part of BS 8644 (Design, construction, handover, asset management and emergency response - code of practice) gives recommendations for the management, presentation and exchange of fire safety information using digital information management processes.

The standard covers the following stages in the lifecycle of assets in all parts of the built environment (including infrastructure): briefing, design, construction (including on-site fire safety information), handover, operation, and fire and rescue service intervention.

Traditionally, the management of fire safety information during these different phases has been conducted in silos. In general, those responsible for fire safety at the different stages have worked independently of each other with inconsistent practices and standards in the handover of information.

The development of BS8644-1 stems from this lack of availability of accessible and relevant fire safety information. While the standard is applicable primarily to new built assets, its principles can also be applied to existing asset. Its key strategic objectives are to:

  • provide a safer built environment appropriate for intended end-users
  • reduce disruption and property loss from fire
  • enable relevant, accurate and accessible fire safety information to be available to the right people at the right time.


Members of IWFM’s Life Safety Working Group are reviewing the consultation documents, looking in particular at the challenges of providing and maintaining adequate levels of fire safety information for existing buildings. We will also consult with other relevant groups and stakeholders before submitting a consolidated response to the consultation (closing date is 22 August 2021.)


If you have any comments on the digital management of fire safety information which you would like us to consider as part of our consultation response, please email: