How to make the most of IWFM Mentoring


  • Employment and Skills

17 April 2024


Ahead of World FM Day – with the theme ‘Inspire, Integrate, Innovate: Ignite Your Career in FM’ - it’s important to remember how mentorship can help professionals develop in workplace and facilities management (WFM). IWFM Mentoring allows practitioners from different backgrounds to freely share learnings and perspectives to their mutual benefit.  

Mentoring is an excellent way of developing skills, relationships, self-awareness and self-confidence and personal growth. Mentoring can help you identify the areas you want to develop, help you get better at solving problems and ensure you're making the right decisions. However, to build a productive relationship, make best use of time and gain the knowledge that’s right for you, here are some top tips for making the most of your IWFM Mentoring experience.  

Choose the right mentor 

Understand why you want a mentor and the specific help you are looking for, the challenge you want to overcome or goals you want to achieve. This will give the mentoring relationship a purpose, help your mentor and enable you to grasp what you are looking for.  

Take a proactive approach 

Respond to communication within an appropriate time frame, allocate regular and reasonable times in your schedule and utilise time in between discussions to progress towards your goals. Adequately prepare and be mindful of your mentor’s needs as well as your own.    

Respect your mentor's time 

Ensure you do not impose beyond what is reasonable and give your mentor as much notice as possible if you may miss a meeting. 

Be open to feedback 

Mentoring is designed to help you take the next steps in your growth and development so it is important to be open to making changes in order to progress. 

Get involved 

Wherever you are in your WFM career, you can get involved in IWFM Mentoring. Click here to find our if IWFM Mentoring is right for you. Not a member or unsure if you hold the right type of membership? Contact our Member and Customer Engagement team on +44 (0) 1279 712 650 or via email at: [email protected]