IWFM tells BBC Radio 4: ‘Remote workers as or more productive; flexibility is key.’


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10 September 2020

Chris Moriarty

IWFM tells BBC Radio 4: ‘Remote workers as or more productive; flexibility is key.’

‘What we’ve been seeing in the private sector over a number of years is more flexibility in how people work and what we’re finding is that people seem to be as productive at home. I know there are some studies actually saying [people are] more productive at home.’

Speaking to Carolyn Quinn on the PM programme, which was broadcast on Saturday 5 September, Chris also highlighted the practical challenges facing the private sector in preparing for staff to return to the office, as well as the difficulty in managing reduced office capacity due to social distancing measures.

IWFM’s YouGov-powered research into office workers’ attitudes towards and experiences of working from home during COVID-19 highlighted that almost three-quarters (73%) of workers want more flexible working options in future, while just over half (51%) feel it has made working in the office seem unnecessary. However, Chris also pointed out that there are some who want to return to the office – particularly people aged 18 to 24.

‘People working from bedrooms or in shared accommodations, they’re finding it very difficult to concentrate… they’re actually desperate to get back into the office.’

You can listen to the interview by visiting the BBC Radio 4 website here and skipping to 09:30.

Learn more about our research on attitudes toward returning to the office here.