Listening to you and using your feedback to transform our Institute


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12 November 2020

As we prepare to share the results of the 2020 Insight and Engagement survey, our Chairman Martin G Bell looks back at what you told us last time and how we’ve responded.  

So much has changed in the world and our Institute since we surveyed members back in 2018. We set a new direction when we became IWFM later that year: we were committed to lead change for the profession, to raise its voice beyond the echo chamber and to show the value that workplace and facilities management can make to organisations’ performance. 

These things stood out from what you told us wanted from your institute last time.  

  • You loved our insight offering and you wanted us to widen our research interests to incorporate issues including smart working, technology, sustainability  

  • You liked what we were doing and wanted more impact in the professional arena 

  • You wanted more support in your personal and professional development  

Extending our insights   
We have raised our insight game substantially, underpinned by solid research and policy agendas. Our Creating Better Workplaces knowledge hub, developed with partner Ricoh, is a one-stop source of workplace essentials including guidance and learning opportunities. Our sustainability hub is a source of intelligence, ideas and inspiration on this critical area as we seek to build back better post-pandemic; and includes new findings from the 2020 sustainability survey in partnership with Inenco. We have partnered with technology giant Microsoft for new research to explore the smart workplace opportunities and challenges that technology presents in tomorrow’s workplaces, coming soon. We have stayed relevant and responsive with our COVID-19 resources hub and webinars programme, developed with our expert communities, providing essential practical help in this challenging time.   

Increased authority  

We have raised IWFM’s voice outside the profession by partnering with others and in getting our views heard in Government on a range of matters including skills and apprenticeships, better practice on safety and procurement (including working with Dame Judith Hackitt on building safety standards) and making a difference through social value.  

Supporting your development  

Our website has a cleaner format and superior navigation so visitors can find the information, guidance and support they need quickly and easily. Our website is key to unlocking the benefits of membership. You should ask yourself, when was the last time you logged on to explore the website? We recommend you log in regularly to personalise your experience, plan and record your development, including CPD so you can have complete control over your membership with us. We also recommend you read the new member handbook to help you discover other membership benefits.  

Work continues to revise core elements of our proposition; with the IWFM Professional Standards taking centre stage. The Standards Handbook is more accessible and includes new components such as organisational behaviour, performance as well as culture and values. There is more to do to align our entire proposition to the IWFM development pathway. This will form the cornerstone of all IWFM products and services ensuring that your plan for development can be supported by great tools which can be easily navigated. 

Look out for the results of the 2020 survey in the coming weeks. They will form a key reference to help us to help you better. They will help us to prioritise our actions and resources.