Navigating turbulent times: a year in webinars; 1,000s guided and informed


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07 April 2021


This week marks one year since IWFM began the weekly webinars series that is now a permanent midweek fixture in the diaries of hundreds of workplace and facilities professionals in the UK and beyond.

Pandemic response and resilience; remote working; the future of work; building safety; sustainability; data and technology; social value; leadership; listening; wellbeing; skills; the list of topics we’ve covered in the last year goes on.

From intimate tête-à-têtes to full on role play, with plenty of panel discussion in between, we’ve kept it rich of content, fresh of format and full of practical takeaways. We’ve done it with partners, and we’ve done it alone. We’ve presented our own research and we’ve mixed it with the work of others.

Over six-and-a-half thousand of you have tuned in, to hear 117 experts across forty-three episodes cover all aspects of the workplace and facilities scene. They’ve discussed, debated and ruminated on all manner of hot topics in this most turbulent of years.

Around 270 of you tune in weekly; and if audience be the judge, the year’s most popular episode was Planning the Return to Work, hosted by our London Region in May 2020 towards the end of Lockdown 1 (remember that?) watched by 649 eager for the Panel’s top tips. Coronavirus Question Time, the second in the series and, more recently, the Building Safety Manager role, also attracted very large audiences.

But you’ve also loved our sessions on leadership skills and personal development. Indeed, if approval ratings be the judge, then 2019 Conference speaker Marcus Child on Leading for Resilience and Resourcefulness post-Covid wins hands down with 98% approval. We’ve repeated the episode twice since June and you’ve still loved it - good job he’s coming back for a second session later in the season.

Close runner up with 97% approval was another IWFM Conference alumnus Richard Mullender, whose ‘Art of Listening’ session was another winner – but we didn’t record that one on his request, so if you missed it, you missed it unfortunately.

We’ve absolutely loved doing this series this year and we’re working closely within the IWFM community to bring you our best ever programme for the coming year, so stay tuned. Even better, let us know which topics you’d like us to cover by emailing:

And if you’ve missed any so far, catch up while you can at our dedicated NTT page.