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14 May 2021

World FM Day

The global ‘climate emergency’ is amongst the highest priorities for citizens, governments and organisations. That’s why, on World FM Day, I want to focus on how FM strategies and activities can affect greenhouse gas reduction and help us achieve the target of net zero.

FM sits in a privileged position within organisations. As the people responsible for support services and the operation of buildings, we are able to influence the decisions which affect carbon dioxide emissions from the services and accommodation we occupy. This can be done through our choice of suppliers, like those who offer zero/low carbon products and services, and through the maintenance or replacement of components to reduce carbon emissions.

In new facilities, embodied carbon in construction materials has to be considered along with the carbon generated throughout the lifetime of plant, fixtures and fittings. Facilities Managers can provide valuable input at the early stages of a project on the likely operational carbon emissions and how these might be mitigated over an asset’s lifecycle.

Most new facilities also have to achieve high standards of environmental performance and FM professionals are ideally placed to monitor and benchmark this throughout the asset’s operations, using building management systems, IoT and sensors, which allow us to track actual versus predicted outcomes and identify ways to resolve any issues.

However, it is not just about the carbon facilities produce, it’s also about reducing the carbon footprint of everyone’s daily activities. At BAM FM, we are taking steps to achieve net zero by 2030 and, to support this, we have introduced a series of measures, including utilising electric and hydrogen vehicles in our fleet, and committing to maximising power, fuel and heat from renewable or non-polluting resources. We are also working with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to help customers and suppliers reduce their emissions and develop low/zero carbon products and services.

Industry bodies and networks, such as the IWFM Sustainability Special Interest Group, are also able to support FM teams in reducing carbon in their own operations and in the facilities in which they work. If you would like to know more about the strategies your organisation can adopt, please visit our Sustainability web hub or contact us at:

Reid Cunningham
Strategic Development Director, BAM FM Ltd & BAM Energy Ltd; Member, IWFM Sustainability SIG

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