New net zero toolkit: learn how to develop a holistic strategy and hit targets


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10 May 2023

Toolkit document

To help facilities management professionals bring their A game to advancing the sustainability agenda within organisations and achieve successful carbon-reducing outcomes, IWFM is pleased to publish its new guidance toolkit in partnership Inenco: ‘What to consider when developing a holistic net zero strategy - A toolkit for FM decision makers’.

In 2020, the UK government committed to a 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. However, in 2021, the same year in which the government set a target for net zero emissions by 2050, the IWFM Sustainability Survey revealed a worrying gap between intent and action with many FMs lacking targets and action plans. The following year, the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2022 highlighted a troubling continuation of the theme.

Sofie Hooper, IWFM’s Head of Policy, views the toolkit as a key enabler for members to realise their potential: ‘The built environment will not meet the UK government’s targets unless facilities managers are equipped to leverage their critical and unique role in strategic areas where they can make a difference.

‘Members have clear intent to act but often lack the practical tools to deliver. This toolkit will empower FMs to “carry the ball” in developing holistic environmental sustainability strategies which create real change. Acting in this area is critical for the environment and for communities; it’s also “good business” that’s crucial for organisations and their future success.’

10 May 2023

What to consider when developing a holistic net zero strategy

Over recent years IWFM’s sustainability surveys have identified an ever-increasing foc...

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The toolkit explains the different phases of the strategy development process, the considerations and clear outcomes at each stage, and the common barriers you may experience, while also providing templates and examples. These are complemented by vertical guidance pieces focusing on specific topics, such as healthy buildings, building control and energy management systems, social value, and more.

David Hughes, Head of Marketing and Communications at Inenco, commented: ‘We are delighted to have been able to support IWFM in the development of this “net zero toolkit”. It has been clear from the findings of IWFM’s Sustainability Survey over the last few years that there is an ever-growing desire within the profession to really get to grips with setting clear pathways to achieve net zero. We hope that the toolkit will go some way to providing the insight and practical support that will help us all achieve better business in a greener world.’

Download the IWFM guidance toolkit ‘What to consider when developing a holistic net zero strategy - A toolkit for FM decision makers’ using the link above to gain the tools and insights you need to commence or accelerate your journey towards net zero.