The Workplace Event 2024: IWFM’s agenda for the WFM community


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17 April 2024

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Between 30 April and 2 May, we are attending The Workplace Event, a key date in the workplace and facilities management calendar. Find us at the IWFM VIP Lounge, stand 3a/H30 at the Birmingham NEC.  

New for this year’s event, our IWFM VIP Lounge will provide a comfortable space for members and industry leaders to talk, relax and even form lasting, meaningful community connections. At the end of the first day is our networking drinks; engage with the community, meet potential partners, or like-minded professionals. Join us for a drink or two, we’d love to meet you! 

Experience the specialised knowledge and practical expertise of the IWFM Technology and Workspace SIGs. Network and learn with the IWFM Midlands Region, IWFM Rising FMs and Veterans in FM Networks. Engage in actionable discussions and stay ahead of emerging trends. Don’t miss us at the Workplace Leaders’ Summit to discover fresh research and insights into the sector’s key trends, challenges and initiatives, including the future of work, ESG and workplace experience.  

Discover the sessions that are right for you: 


‘Hybrid Harmony: crafting the future workplace - strategies for adapting and thriving in a dynamic environment’ 

Workplace Leaders Summit, 30 April, 11.30 – 12pm

Explore the future of hybrid working with our expert panel discussion! Join them for an insightful conversation where industry leaders will share their perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of work. Discover insight from a panel featuring Dr Hannah Wilson, Liverpool Business School, representing IWFM during the course of the discussion. 


‘Make your space reflect your culture, not someone else's’ 

The Knowledge Hub - Health & Wellbeing/Culture, 1 May, 10.30 - 11am

Discover the transformative impact of aligning your workplace with your company's unique identity. IWFM's Workspace SIG will help the audience uncover practical strategies to cultivate a workspace that fosters innovation, collaboration and a thriving organisational culture. 


‘Realising the role of FM and net zero’ 

Workplace Leaders Summit, 1 May, 12.55 - 1.40pm 

Join this panel discussion to hear more about the challenges, opportunities and ambitions for the FM profession and sector in achieving sustainability goals and realising their full change agent potential.  

The panel will share their different perspectives, experiences and explore the agency, opportunities and the ‘how to’ of overcoming barriers, against a backdrop of a fast-changing world. Chaired by Sofie Hooper, Head of Policy & Research at IWFM and featuring Sunil Shah, Director at Acclaro Advisory & SFMI and Amelle Mestari, Procurement & CSR Director at Equans, this panel marks the start of an ongoing collaboration between the organisation aimed at research activities to boost sustainability. 


‘The strategic workplace leader: Changing roles and opportunities’ 

Workplace Leaders Summit, 2 May, 10.30 - 11.15am

Featuring IWFM’s Director of Communications & Insight Jenny Thomas, this panel will share thoughts and ideas around the future role of FM and how we can move seamlessly towards business leadership positions with influence.  


‘(IW)FM - behind the curve or the centre of influence?’ 

The Knowledge Hub - Tech/Digital, 2 May,  12.45 - 1.15pm

Gordon Mitchell, IWFM's Chair of the Technology Special Interest Group, will take the audience on a journey of digital purpose and ambition and the building blocks that are being put in place to achieve that ambition. He will join the dots between seemingly disconnected pieces of work in the wider ecosystem. 

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To learn more about IWFM’s involvement in The Workplace Event and get free tickets, click here.