The year in review


  • General news

16 December 2019


When we launched IWFM in 2018, we set a new direction. Looking hard at what we did and what we wanted to do helped define IWFM’s mission. We wanted to lead change for the profession to raise its voice and show the value that workplace and facilities management can make to organisations’ performance.

We identified our priorities for first year as a new body and this became our ten-point plan.

It wasn’t intended as a business plan inventory, but it was ambitious; and we knew we wouldn’t complete it all in one go. But we were determined to have a jolly good go and I am proud to say that with our community’s support  we have tackled everything on that list and more.

Here are this year’s highlights.

  • We made ourselves easier to deal with, including paperless direct debits; and we’ve frozen membership fees for 2020!
  • Enhanced our website’s performance and navigation and improved the way members can access and record your CPD achievements
  • Launched a new Creating Better Workplaces web hub with partner Ricoh, as a one-stop source of workplace essentials, including insight, guidance and learning opportunities
  • Celebrated as your new look Facilitate magazine won best in class at the CMA Awards
  • Held the first IWFM Conference with thought leadership and challenge from beyond our profession, and launched the 2020 edition

Our journey of transformation to a modern professional body continues into the new decade, here’s a taster of what’s to come in the new year. 

Forward look to 2020

  • Look out for our new member handbook and our 2020 membership survey
  • We’ll launch our IWFM Professional Standards incorporating new requirements for workplace and facilities management  
  • Our Market Information Index will be available
  • We’ll bring you more opportunities for engagement and access to insight and best practice as we implement the recommendations of our Communities review
  • We’ll continue to raise our voice in Government and industry on the issues that matter

We’re doing some very exciting things, short and long term, so don’t go away!

Linda Hausmanis, IWFM CEO