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29 May 2020


‘Navigating turbulent times’ (NTT) returned for its seventh episode on Thursday 28 May when our expert panel discussed ‘Remote yet connected: wellbeing in the time of COVID-19’ and took viewers' questions.

With responsibility for employee wellbeing covering all workplaces, including beyond the traditional office, and the role of the workplace and facilities professional at the forefront of this evolution, this episode explored questions such as how can we stay mindful and balanced in unpredictable times, especially when working from home? And how can our profession best help organisations shape an effective wellbeing response?

The episode of NTT was hosted by Nicola Lathbury, managing director of Hexagon FM, and chair of both Women in FM SIG (WIFM) and IWFM Midlands Region. The experts joining her on the panel are:

  • Tom Flatau: CEO, Teamworking International
  • C-J Green: co-founder and executive director, BraveGoose
  • Nancy Hey: executive director, What Works Wellbeing
  • Joanna Swash: CEO, Moneypenny

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Join us for episode eight on Wednesday 3 June: ‘Loosening the lockdown: spotlight on catering’

Our next episode will provide expert assistance and support to facilities managers on how to reinstate catering services in the workplace, focusing on real world experience, recommendations and guidance so that clients and customers can quickly adapt to an evolving situation and ‘build back better’.

Registration details will be added to this article later day (Friday 29 May).

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