Webinar: Managing facilities or enabling communities – creating a workplace culture


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27 March 2019

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Webinar: Managing facilities or enabling communities

Recording from our webinar 'Managing facilities or enabling communities – creating a workplace culture' dated 26 March 2019.

About this webinar

Culture is a term that is frequently used but often misunderstood.

A positive culture can greatly enhance performance. A negative culture can undermine what we’re trying to achieve. So how can we influence workplace culture for our advantage?

Exploring findings and insights from the recent IWFM insight report written by 3edges, this webinar helps to improve the ‘cultural competence’ of people working in and around the FM profession.

This webinar explains what culture means, in practical terms, and provides ideas and thinking tools to help attendees consider how they may address the cultural challenges they face in their work.

Ian and James are joined by Simone Fenton-Jarvis, who talks about her challenges and successes in her role as Chief Workplace Officer at educational publishers Twinkl.

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