Mark Whittaker

Chair, IWFM



The Board’s prime responsibilities are strategy, risk, the monitoring of performance, and legal compliance. It delegates the day-to-day running of the Institute to the Executive under the chairmanship of the CEO. The Members’ Council based on feedback from the membership, give advice and guidance to the Board on the long term direction of the Institute and it’s mission. Other standing committees are Audit & RiskConstitution & EthicsNominations & Remuneration and the Awarding Body.

The IWFM Board consists of up to 13 members of the Institute, six of which are volunteers who must hold professional membership at Member Grade or above; for example, Member, Certified, Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the Institute. All members of the Board are registered with Companies House as non-executive directors of the Institute. 

Three other roles can be elected to the Board; Co-Opted Non-Executive Directors who are appointed by the Board based on their specialist competencies to help support both the Board and the Executive in key decision making.

All Board members are required to give appropriate undertakings in respect of confidentiality, a specific Board Non-Executive code of practice and an annual declaration of interests. The latter are reviewed by the Company Secretary and if thought appropriate referred to the Constitution and Ethics Committee for adjudication concerning any material conflict with Institute affairs and on nomination as a Director of IWFM.

The maximum length of time a Board member other than an employee can serve is three years, after which they can be re-elected for a further three years [6 consecutive years] then there must be a two year gap before re-election. The Chairman's maximum term is two years, although after that they can be re-elected to an elected position.


Board members

The current IWFM Board is made up of the following;

Mark Whittaker, Chair
Andrew Hulbert, Deputy Chair and Non-Executive Director
David Carey, Non-Executive Director
Jason Cousins, Non-Executive Director
Sue Hills, Non-Executive Director
Marilyn Standley, Non-Executive Director 
Paul Ash, Co-Opted Non-Executive Director
Martin Bell, Co-Opted Non-Executive Director 
Linda Hausmanis, CEO IWFM
Donna Duckworth, Company Secretary IWFM
Catherine Gowers, Head of Finance & HR IWFM

Elected members x6

  • Elected from the wider membership. Eligible grades include Member, Certified Member, Fellow and Honary Fellow
  • Can have up to 2 Deputy Chairs elected from this group

Co-Opted Members (up to 3)

  • Selected at the discretion of the Board based on thier competency, expertise and experience. These co-opted positions may come from the membership or the wider industry.


  • Elected by the Board members from the current Non-Executive Directors


  • Recruited and selected by the Board

Executive Directors (up to 2)

  • Recruited, or promoted internally and appointment approved by the Board

Andrew Hulbert

Deputy Chair and Non-executive director, IWFM

Marilyn Standley

Non-executive director, IWFM

Linda Hausmanis


Diane Leacock

Finance Director, IWFM

Jason Cousins

Non-Executive Director and Members' Council Chair, IWFM

Sue M Hills

Non-Executive Director and Constitution and ethics committee chair, IWFM

Paul Ash

Co-Opted Non-executive director, IWFM

Martin G Bell

Co Opted Non-executive director, IWFM

Donna Duckworth

Head of Governance, IWFM

David Carey

Non-Executive Director, IWFM