An introduction to smart buildings

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06 October 2021

Smart buildings



As technology now enters the fourth industrial revolution, the intelligent use of data driven workflows, machine to machine communication and artificial intelligence becomes more prominent and ubiquitous through all industries. Mass generation of data points and consumerisation are now common place, whether be it to drive user targeted information or to enhance services to the end users.

Our buildings have been on this journey now for some time, collecting building systems and technologies to generate capability and often generating data. More often than not, the solutions often operate in separate data instances due to their individual specialism and owners. BMS, security and visitor management, for example, are systems separated by discipline or skill sets
and drive their own industries. Opportunities exist with incorporating controls and information from one or more systems, enabling those buildings to be more intelligent; if all systems were to be connected, the business will grow towards connected, smart and cognitive building maturity.

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