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04 January 2024


It’s rare to be entering a new year with the racing certainty of a general election, but we’ll certainly see one called at some point in 2024. And whatever your view of No.10’s current incumbents, the very nature of the system forces talk of policy innovation from all sides – something that can only be a good thing
for the management of the workplace, given such changed circumstances for the sector.

Strange how it seems not that long since we last voted. Perhaps it’s the merrygo- round of prime ministers that’s playing with my mind, or that new bloke on the back of the coins. Yet while the first targeted push to Carbon Net Zero came in 2019, it’s the period since that December election that’s seen the entire fabric of the working world thrown into flux. Two extraordinary developments - the pandemic and the exponential rise of generative artificial intelligence - are likely to continue their profound impact on the WFM sector this year.

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