Increasing digitisation and the changing skills landscape 


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19 March 2024


The increasingly digitised world of work and the changing nature of skills are a couple of the key topics in Facilitate’s March-April 2024 print edition. IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis leads with commentary on the skills shortage in workplace and facilities management (WFM), how it hampers organisations and solutions to the issue; Facilitate Editor Martin Read outlines recent developments in augmented reality technology and what the impact could be on WFM professionals.  

Additionally, the magazine looks at the influence that mid-sized FM service providers are having on the wider outsourced market. Who are the individuals behind these firms and what effects are their innovative approaches having on the character of the sector? 

Furthermore, there’s coverage of the impending UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard to reframe the office retrofit market, discussing how the WFM role is affected - something the recently published IWFM Sustainability Survey 2023 has highlighted. 

Elsewhere you’ll find Facilitate looking at the future knowledge workplace paradigm and how it remains mired in a constant state of uncertainty. Questions are asked around how organisations can fix their future workspace format with so many shifting organisational, environmental and worker priorities.  

Lastly, read Facilitate’s latest issues to learn more on psychological safety in the workplace, the use of AI to write FM service bids, how WFMs can become integral to organisations’ net zero ambitions, plus exclusive insight from WFM professionals such as Matt Chapman. Matt, CEO of SB-FM and a member of the IWFM EDI Focus Group, offers reflections and guidance on the state of EDI following this year’s Race Equality Week. 

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