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16 July 2020

Guidance note


The first Guidance Note in this series, ‘An introduction to workplace’, explained what workplace is and what it means for facilities management (FM). You can download it, and the other guidance notes in this series, from www.iwfm.org.uk/better-workplaces.

This, the fifth guidance note in the series, focuses on workplace change. Change is a constant part of business and work life, but many organisations often find it difficult to implement workplace change successfully. Workplace change initiatives often do
not achieve what they were designed to achieve, either partially or completely.

This guidance note explores what workplace change is, in practical terms, and discusses the human and organisational impacts of workplace change. It considers why many organisations find workplace change to be so challenging and the factors that can increase the likelihood of bringing about successful workplace change.

The overall aim of this guidance note is to help facilities managers and other workplace professionals to learn more about the processes of change and provide them with ideas and techniques for implementing workplace change more effectively.

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