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The value that effective workplace leadership can provide for businesses, the economy and wider society is beyond doubt.

The growing recognition by organisations that their people’s performance is driven by physical environments marks our profession’s greatest opportunity.

IWFM and Ricoh bring together sharp insights and practical guidance to help you and your organisation understand and navigate the space, process, technology and cultural matters which combine to create people centred workplaces capable of driving better outcomes.


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Guidance notes

Simplifying technology (NEW) (Thumb).png
16 June 2021

Simplifying technology

This guidance note looks at the future of workplace from a technological perspective. ...

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Optimising workspaces thumb with new.png
24 February 2021

Optimising workspaces

This guidance note explores what future changes in working practices could mean for th...

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Empowering people thumbnail).png
19 November 2020

Empowering people

This, the fifth guidance note in the series, focuses on workplace change. Change is a ...

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16 July 2020

Leading successful workplace change

This guidance note explores what workplace change is, in practical terms, and discusse...

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Creating better workspaces thumb.png
27 March 2020

Creating better workspaces

This, the fourth guidance note in the series, focuses on the spatial element of workpl...

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Selling your workplace vision thumb.png
27 March 2020

Selling your workplace vision

This guidance note will provide you with ideas for how to communicate the value of wor...

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22 November 2019

Making better workplace decisions using data

This, the second guidance note in the 'workplace' series, focuses on the role that dec...

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01 September 2019

An introduction to workplace

In FM, as in other professions, there are certain terms that are aren’t commonly used ...

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Good practice guides (GPGs)

01 May 2017

Space planning management

This guide will enhance your understanding of space planning and management for your o...

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Ricoh reports

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To help you understand the new way of working and how to re-engineer workplaces both virtually and physically, Ricoh has conducted exclusive research into how our evolving world of work has influenced and resulted in new workplace behaviours. 

Working with leading clinical psychologist Emma Kenny, Ricoh analysed key findings from their research to look at synergies and disconnects with a view to helping businesses better make sense of the changing workplace. Read the report here.

Reimagining your workplace 

We’re in an exciting time for business, one with excellent opportunities to evolve how we work for greater commercial success – but there will also be new challenges. 

First, there is an opportunity to support and empower your people, as your workforce becomes more flexible and productive than ever. 

Next, there is an opportunity for accelerated digital transformation, as organisations across the country transition once more to new ways of working. 

And finally, there is an opportunity to develop and build your company culture into a place where your people love to work. 

It’s up to business leaders to find the right solutions to address these concerns and provide their people with a platform to achieve their best work.  Read Ricoh's report here

The Economy of People 

By examining the Economy of People, Ricoh has calculated the potential impact of aligning culture, workspace and technology strategies to create the optimal office. The result is a new, holistic approach to designing workplaces that has the potential to positively reshape the United Kingdom and Ireland’s economic trajectories.  Read the report here

The Essential Guide to Creating an Optimal Office 

In this guide you will find leadership and guidance from Ricoh experts – from quick wins to long term strategies – to help you optimise every aspect of your workplace. Read the guide here.

The pathway to productive people: Ricoh's report explores the UK's productivity puzzle 

In what continues to be a period of economic uncertainty and instability, businesses are, more than ever, microscopically reviewing the way they work. In unison, many are facing enormous pressure to modernise and digitally transform to ensure that they remain competitive, robust and, most importantly, future-proof.  

Ricoh believes that the pathway to productivity lies in organisations implementing innovative and bespoke solutions that focus on people, workplace, process and technology. Together, these offer one cohesive and impactful workstyle footprint within any business environment – a footprint that will enhance productivity and profitability at both a micro and macro level.  

The Pathway to Productive People is an approach developed by Ricoh to help businesses with their transformation process – a guide for those taking the first steps into workstyle innovation and looking to achieve the optimal office where people, workplace, process and technology are nicely balanced. Whilst there is much to consider, and the ultimate execution may seem daunting and complex, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is bravery, and this begins with understanding your people and the way they work. There are three guides to help you: 


IWFM reports

30 June 2022

The workplace now and in the future

As part of our ongoing partnership, IWFM and Ricoh carried out this research about the...

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01 November 2018

Culture Report

This report is the fourth in a series carried out by 3edges on behalf of the Institute...

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01 December 2016

The Stoddart Review - The Workplace Advantage

The Stoddart Review continues the work of an industry giant: Chris Stoddart, MCIOB, FB...

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Workplace services provided by Ricoh

Maximise your office real estate investment. We deliver the tools and insights that show how you’re currently using your facilities, resources and meeting space, and where you can make improvements. Find out more >

Workplace courses by IWFM

We have recently launched several workplace courses, including the Essentials of Workplace Change and Making Better Workplace Decisions Using Data. You and your teams can use these courses as a means to explore more deeply the practicalities of workplace change. Find out more >

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Access to the Ricoh Work Together, Anywhere webinar programme here and over 17 on-demand webinars.

Access the IWFM Webinar series: 'Navigating turbulent times' here


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