Making the case for ‘the lynchpin profession’ during COP26


  • Workplace

04 November 2021

Linda Hausmanis

Starting with a keynote address to industry by CEO Linda Hausmanis, IWFM advocates during COP26 for the facilities profession’s influence in the major strategic challenges affecting organisations and the built environment.

Today, Chief Executive Linda Hausmanis told an audience at the two-day Workspace Design Show that the workplace opportunity has never been more ripe as she made the case for ‘the lynchpin profession’ whose super-connector potential can really help organisations to achieve higher goals. That capability, she argued, extended to helping organisations to make a real and lasting contribution to a sustainable future. Read the full speech here.

At the same event on Thursday, the Institute’s Peter Brogan, Head of Research and Insight, will host a panel discussion titled ‘Designing environments to improve employee wellbeing’. Find out more about Workspace Design Show by clicking here.

As the international climate conference moves into its second week, Head of Policy Sofie Hooper will speak at a COP26 virtual event hosted by Build Better Now. ‘Safe, sustainable and healthy – the relationship between building safety reform, sustainability and wellbeing’ will see Sofie join a panel discussion on how the building safety agenda should interact with the sustainability agenda. Find out more and register for the event by clicking here.