New IWFM and Ricoh guidance: Optimising workspaces


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  • Workplace

24 February 2021

‘An optimised workspace has the power enable productivity and wellbeing alongside driving connectedness to the organisation and colleagues. With so many of our workspaces and circumstances changing throughout 2020, this guidance note allows us to reflect on what our needs truly are.’ 

Simone Fenton-Jarvis, Workplace Services Consultancy Director

Consider the future design and provision of workspaces and learn how to change the way your organisation works with our new guidance note developed in partnership with technology provider Ricoh: Optimising workspaces.

Most types of corporate workspaces have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the impacts have been particularly pronounced in retail, hospitality and offices. Profound shifts in how, where and even when we work, and learnings from the good and bad of those shifts, have inspired many to want to reassess the old ways of working.

This guidance note, the seventh in our ‘Creating better workplaces’ partnership with Ricoh, explores what future changes in working practices could mean for the corporate workspaces most organisations inhabit – specifically offices.

Much has been written about the future of the office: some commentators have predicted the ‘death of the office’; others have taken a more measured view that offices will still be needed, but perhaps for different purposes.

This guidance subscribes to the second viewpoint, arguing that a shift towards more distributed working creates a new role for the office and an opportunity to rethink how we use our corporate workspaces. Essentially, this guidance note is about how organisations can make optimal use of their workspaces, in service of individual and organisational performance.

Download the guidance now and start your journey towards creating optimal workspaces.