'Our members are better qualified, more influential and better able to impact the businesses they support'


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28 July 2022


'Our members are better qualified, more influential and better able to impact the businesses they support'

That was the assessment of Linda Hausmanis, addressing the 2022 AGM, held online and broadcast from the Institute’s offices on Thursday 28 July.

The number of professional members joining at professional or 'assessed' grades has doubled to 43%, or two in five since 2017, the year before the Institute changed its name to incorporate workplace and to reposition facilities management as a ‘lynchpin’ profession, capable of transforming organisations and enhancing experience.  More members are also progressing within professional grades, the rate having increased by 41% since last year. 

Outlining the growth in the Institute’s insight offer and recovery in non-member income since the 'unprecedented challenges' of 2020, Hausmanis thanked members for their loyalty as she reported that member retention at professional grades had improved by eight per cent in the last year, from 77% to 83% while overall membership retention was up 11 percent since 2018.

Commenting on the challenging operating context of 2021, in which the Institute had increased income overall by nine per cent, and from non-member sources by 23%, Chair Mark Whittaker reminded members that, while this represented 'modest' growth, it should be seen in the context of the UK economy which grew by a smaller amount, 7.5%, in the same period. 

Whittaker told the meeting that recording a loss after deprecation was never easy but a modest increase in membership income and a very positive swing in non-membership income of 53% from 2020’s low was enough to be confident of better times ahead.

Underlining the role of the Institute as membership body, setter of the framework for qualifications, business enabler and thought leader, as part of a comprehensive update on the Institute’s performance against its priorities, Linda Hausmanis thanked members and experts who had contributed to the Institute’s work across the year, not least on the Communities Review and on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Focus Group.

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AGM members’ Q&A – There was a good Q&A session at last week’s AGM. We couldn’t get to all of them in the live session, so we’ve summarised them here. Do share them with members of your Groups and Committees.