5 reasons to take our 2024 Market Outlook Survey


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21 February 2024


As previously reported, our 2024 Market Outlook Survey is open for your input until 8 March. This key annual initiative from IWFM seeks insights from the workplace and facilities management (WFM) community on many of the sector’s performance, key trends, such as sustainability, digital innovation and the upcoming elections. While we are a long way from knowing the ultimate outcomes, current responses point towards some compelling possible findings, including that:

  • Challenging conventional views, more survey respondents thought that remote and hybrid working had a positive impact on the FM market, while mandated return to office was considered to have a more negative than positive impact.
  • Slightly more survey respondents expect the UK FM market to improve than worsen in the next 12 months.
  • There are four times more pessimists than optimists when it comes to the outcome of the next general election on businesses. 

Additionally, participants are telling us that the survey can take as little as five minutes to complete. This is because we worked with experts to create a 2024 survey that retains the quality yet has improved the accessibility of the survey compared to previous years. We encourage professionals across the sector to share the survey widely; more insight from the community results in more robust research.

 Interested in taking the survey? Here’s what you could gain.

  • Have a clearer view of today’s sector. Insight into the challenges, opportunities and emerging trends will help the community identify areas in the profession that require improvement and develop strategies to address them.
  • Feed into the policy work that IWFM will undertake over the next year, including our approach to the General Election and any calls to action.
  • Benchmark your insights compared to others. Discover common reference points and divergences to both inform and challenge your understanding of WFM, with additional context to clarify the community’s views.
  • Share knowledge in your network. Exchange ideas, insights and experiences, which can be especially beneficial for those who are new to the field or are looking to expand their industry knowledge.
  • Identify skill gaps and training needs in the sector. The data collected through the survey can help in identifying the skills that are in demand and the areas where professionals need to improve.

To take part in the survey, simply click here.