IWFM Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Focus Group: why we want to make a difference (part one)


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24 November 2021

Equity, diversity, inclusion

The IWFM Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Focus Group, which launched in September, is made up of 15 passionate and knowledgeable workplace and facilities management professionals who want to help us drive the EDI agenda in our industry.

Below are some words from their applications explaining why EDI is important to them. This is the first or three parts; the second and third will follow soon.

Sign up for our EDI webinar

On Wednesday 24 November, we will host a webinar with members of the EDI Focus Group to discuss the ‘what, why and who’ behind our EDI Public Statement and commitment, and how the Group is supporting this work. To sign up to the webinar, please click here.

To read our Public Statement in full and for further details about IWFM’s work on EDI, please click here.

Testimonials from the IWFM EDI Focus Group

Kirsty Arnold: Associate Director of Facilities Management, The Portman Estate

I have seen the challenges in bringing about change and would like to learn more to bring change to the industry, be an ally to communities that need one, and overall create inclusive environments and workplaces. Everyone should be treated equally and fairly and be able to bring their whole self to work.

Chris Barnes: Senior Account Manager, Pareto FM

As an autistic person with over 27 years’ experience in facilities management, I feel it’s my duty to pave the way for younger neurodiverse people to get into our profession. Only 19% of autistic people are in employment and I want to be part of the movement for change with this. 

Gregory Hall: Senior Operations Manager and Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Lead, Bartlett Mitchell

I have always had a passion for EDI and especially as a gay man, inclusion and that sense of belonging means so much to me. From a management perspective, I genuinely believe that everyone deserves to bring their whole self to work, feel included and as if they belong. 

Raj Jones: Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Sodexo

The issues and challenges we face in regard to EDI within the industry are symptomatic of deeply embedded societal issues. No one origination alone can change this and it’s vital we collaborate and use our collective influence, and the considerable footprint, if we are truly to make a difference.

Colin Kimber: Associate Director, Pareto FM

I have been working in this area alongside my day job for some time and have grown to understand the value of my voice in this space through the positive benefits it has had on the people and relationships around me. I am extremely keen to be part of how we move forward and make this fantastic industry a home for everyone.